1. Outside the boundary – reg. 27
a) Through the white posts
b) Through the protection nets on lanes 1, 3, 12, 13 and 18
c) White/green posts – inside limit for golfers on lane 2 and lane 16

2. Water features – reg. 26
a) Yellow posts mark frontal water features
b) Red posts mark side water features
c) If a dropping area is present, so this provides an additional drop possibility

3. Work in progress on course – reg. 25
a) All areas marked by blue posts or by a white line
b) The drainagestrip with stones next to the street on bunker 12
c) Erosion areas in bunkers – reg. 25/1
d) Relief according to reg. 25/1.3 may be taken

4. Integral parts of the course – reg. 24
a) All protective walls at start areas
b) The walls behind Green 14 and Green 17
c) All paths or roads without an artificial surface (i.e. pebble or asphalt)

5. Obstacles which may be removed – reg. 24/1
a) Stones found in bunkers may be removed

6. Obstacles which may not be removed – reg. 24/2
a) 100, 150 and 200 metre distance markers
b) Publicity, advertisements, posters, benches, ball washing equipment, flower tubs etc.
c) Irrigation equipment
d) Irrigation or drainage grills and their covers
e) Permanent features – electric masts etc.
f) All paths with an artificial surface – (i.e. pebble or asphalt)

7. Please note!– reg. 24/2 b
a) Should a player hit an electric cable or mast, he or she can repeat the shot
    without losing and penalty points.

8. Punctuality and Timing of a Tournament – reg. 6/3
All tournament players must be present at the starting time and for the first shot
as decreed by the tournament organisers. Late comers will be penalised as follows:
a) Less than 5 min.: 2 shots or loss of a hole
b) More than 5 min.: disqualification
All timing will refer to the clock at tee no. one.

9. Interruptions to play – reg. 6/8
a) 1 long siren blast: stop game immediately
b) 2 short siren blasts re-start play
c) 3 short siren blasts stop the game

10. Penalty for breaking the tournament rules
a) Game (holes) – loss of hole
b) Game (shots) - 2 shots

All other cases will be adjudicated according to the R. + A. Roles and Regulations Limited
and those of the Italian Golf Federation.



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