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Golfplatz Passeier.Merano

Score Card &
Course Rating

Etiquette -behaviour
We ask everyone to be aware of his or her own personal safely and to avoid behaving in a way which might put anyone at risk. We would further ask players to:

. replace divots
. repair holes caused when teeing off
. repair damage caused by spikes
. smooth over footprints on the bunkers
. avoid leaving trollies and bags on the greens or tees
. avoid damaging the course and, above all, avoid taking unnecessary exercise shots
. allow faster teams to overtake slower ones

Special Regulations
Golfers who unintentionally hit an electricity cable or pylon by mistake, are entitled to a free shot.

Distance Markers
Red stake - 100mt. from start of green
Yellow stake– 150 mt. from start of green

Red flag = start of green
Yellow flag= midd leof green
‍White flag= end of green

Rules and Regulations
Local regulation REG. 33/8 (OKTOBER 2013)1

1. Outside boundary – reg. 27
a. Outside/through white stakes
b. Outside/through the protection nets on greens no. 1, 3, 12, 13 and 18
c. White/green stakes – inside/out shot for golfers on green no. 2 

2. WaterHazards – Reg. 26
a. Waterhazards are marked by a yellow stake
b. Lateral water hazards are marked by a red stake
c. If there is a Dropping Area, players may play their shot accordingly 

3. Improvement work to grounds – Reg. 25
a. All areas involved will be marked by blue stakes or a white line
b. Erosion damage to bunkers will be marked in the same way. – see Reg. 25/1
c. Special rules and regulations may be involved - see Reg. 25/1.3

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Golfclub Passeier.Merano

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