Golf Passeier


House Rules and Local Rules

We ask everyone to be aware of his or her own personal safety and to avoid behaving in a way which might put anyone at risk. Furthermore, we would like to remind you of the following:

And don’t forget to enjoy the game!

LOCAL RULES 33/8 (MAY 2022)

  1. Features of the Golf Course
    • All driving range walls, features etc.
    • The strengthening walls on Green no. 14 and no. 17
    • All unsurfaced paths (gravel or asphalt)
  2. Movable obstacles – Reg. 24/1
    • Stones in bunkers are considered movable obstacles
  3. Unmovable obstacles – Reg. 24/1
    • The 100, 150 and 200 mt. markers
    • Publicity posters, benches, ball washing machines, flower beds and protection nets
    • All parts of the irrigation/watering system
    • Watertrenches and channel covers
    • Stakes, poles, masts, electricity masts etc.
    • All surfaced paths (gravel or asphalt)
  4. Special regulations/allowances – Reg. 24/2b
    • Shoulda golfer unintentionally hit an electricity cable or pylon, he or she is entitled to a free shot.
  5. Distance measuring devices – Reg. 14/3 Anm.
    • Golfers are allowed to use distance measuring equipment/devices and GPS
  6. Punctuality regarding tournaments/competitions – Reg. 6/3All tournament golfers must be present at the established time for the start of as aid event as decided by the organisers. Latecomers will be penalised as follows:
    • up to 5 minutes – 2 penalty shots or loss of one hole
    • more than 5 minutes – the player will be disqualified.
    • Time will be calculated according to what time the first shot was taken.
  7. Interruptions to the game – Reg. 6/8
    • I long siren blast: “suspend play immediately”.
    • 2 short siren blasts: “start play again”.
    • 3 short siren blasts: “discontinue play”.
  8. Penalties incurred for offences against local rules
    • Match Play – loss of 2 holes b. Stroke Play – loss of 2 shotsAll other cases will be handled according to the R and A
      RulesLimited and the F.I.G.
  9. Distance markers
    • Red: 100 mt. from start
    • Yellow: 150 mt. from start

Golf Cart Terms of Use

  1. A cart is rented for the duration of a round of golf of 18 holes on the course of the Golfclub Passeier.Meran. The
    round must be played at a normal pace. No major breaks are allowed during the period of use.
  2. Reservations are accepted exclusively by the clubs front-office.
  3. Sub-letting is not permitted. Immediately after completing the round of golf, the golf cart must be parked in front of
    the entrance to the clubhouse. The key must be returned to the clubs front-office (or the club restaurant, if needed).
  4. The use of the golf carts is only permitted to persons over 18 years of age.
  5. The golf cart is permitted for a maximum of two persons and two golf bags, any further load is prohibited!
  6. The cart is provided in technically perfect condition. The cart must be checked by the hirer before it is put into
    operation: in particular, the brakes must be checked.
  7. The operating instructions for the cart must be observed.
  8. Avoid tight turns and strong acceleration in order to protect the lawns.
  9. Signs or instructions from the golf club staff must be followed at all times.
  10. Driving on greens, tees, front greens, spaces between bunkers and greens and all practice greens is prohibited.
  11. Puddles, wet spots and white marked areas are also to be avoided.
  12. Where paved paths are available on the golf course and their use is considered, these are to be used preferably
    with the cart.
  13. Damage to the golf cart or the golf course must be reported to the club immediately.
  14. The hirer is liable for any damage caused to the golf cart or golf course.
  15. The use of the golf cart is at the hirer’s own risk.
  16. The use of a golf cart does not entitle the hirer to play through automatically; other flights may not be obstructed or
  17. The lessor shall only be liable for damage caused by him, his legal representative or his vicarious agent through
    gross negligence or wilful intent. This limitation of liability shall not apply to damage resulting from injury to the life,
    body or health of a person.
    18 The hirer shall be liable within the scope of the statutory provisions. In particular, he shall be liable for damage
    caused by improper use of the golf cart. The risk of deterioration or destruction of the golf cart shall be borne in full by
    the hirer from the time the vehicle is made available until it is returned to the Golf Club. The hirer must notify the Golf
    Club immediately of any damage that has occurred or is imminent.

When crossing the road, always drive carefully and avoid situations that could endanger traffic. Be considerate of pedestrians and other cart drivers. Take special care when crossing the road and driving into the underground car park to load and unload the golf cart.

Tee Time


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